Frequently Asked Questions

What does my two-year membership fee pay for?

It provides you with access to the Carousel inventory in your tier.

Do I actually own the car?

No, it’s a lease. Carousel members pay a membership fee in addition to monthly lease payments.

Do I have to pay for warranty?

No. Your carousel car is covered, bumper-to-bumper, by your membership fee.

How often can I switch cars?

You can switch vehicle choices once every six months, for a total of four different cars during your two-year membership.

What if I want to drive a car in a different tier?

When you exchange your car at a 6-month interval, you may move tiers to drive the car of your choice. Some additional fees may be required.

Is the entire Carousel inventory Pre-Owned?

Yes. But, each vehicle is typically 4 model years old or newer, and certified by a Carousel Assoiciate before it's leased out again to ensure the highest level of Member satisfaction.

Does my membership fee cover scheduled maintenance as well?

Yes, oil changes, new tires, brake repairs, even new wipers are all included.

What if I love my car and would rather own it than lease it?

You can cancel your membership at anytime and purchase your vehicle.

What if I lose my job or the economy tightens up?

You can suspend your membership at anytime without penalty. Simply return the car, no questions asked. When you're ready to resume, you can do so with no additional fees.

Can I request a special car?

Of course! Reserve any car you see in our inventory up to 72 hours in advance and it'll be ready when you are.

What if I don't see it in the Carousel inventory?

Yes, you can still request vehicles that are not shown in inventory. We ask that you allow 30 days for delivery of your vehicle.

Where can I get more information about Carousel and review your inventory?

You'll find all the answers to your questions at

How do I get started?

We're always ready to be of service. Simply call, email or reserve an appointment on our online calendar.

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